Find Your Dream Property and Research it

 Find a property that you like, and go take a look if you need to. All the information that I have is on this listing, and I do my best to be as accurate as possible  Please do your own research.  I have never been to the property.  If you plan on building, contact the county to make sure that your building is compliant with the zoning.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Check Out

Once you have decided, check out under the listing that you want, and choose your payment plan option.  I will have a one time payment option, a low down option, and a low monthly option.


We will do all associated paperwork, including a land contract.  I will fill this out, have it signed and notarized, and email you a copy.  You will need to print it out, and also sign and notarize this.  This will bind our deal.  You will be responsible for the annual taxes, which will be in the listing as well. Once the land is paid off, I will send you the deed, in which you will need to have recorded with the county.  All of the instructions will be provided.


Whether this is an investment, a weekend get-away, or the site for your future dream home, we hope you enjoy your new property!